In this paragraphpassive income surveytime is your secondary income source other than the income you receive from your employer.

There are two main sources of building a passive income for yourself:

  • Renting out an existing property.
  • Side business that does not require active participation.

Some people have the notion that passive is a get rich quick methodology. But the reality is quite opposite because it needs consistent hard work especially in the case of operating side-businesses.

But all efforts are worth it!

Here are some of the reasons why passive income is important:

  • Makes you financially stable: Firstly, Passive income increases your yearly earnings and this makes you financially stable. It allows you to relax and make better financial decisions for you and your loved ones.
  • Less reliance on your Job: Secondly,Being dependent on your job for your finances makes you vulnerable to potential risks of recession, job insecurity. A passive income supplements and ensure that you will be able to continue your livelihood without being vulnerable to recession and job insecurity.
  • Less stress: Thirdly,A passive income gives you the confidence to take on all the challenges that face in your life. It allows you to enjoy your life without being stressed and live to your fullest.
  • Financial Freedom: A passive income gives you the financial freedom to pursue your passion and do achieve anything in life. It is the truth that more than 70% of the people hate their jobs and they are not able to quit because they are financially dependent on the income from their job.   

Passive income is a must have in the coming years. According to Forbes, millions of people are going to lose their jobs in the future.

Building a passive income may require work/investment upfront, but it is going to show its benefits in the future. Once you are committed to building a passive income source, you will be able to generate income and maintain financial stability for yourself.

But, the most obvious question is “How can I build a passive income for myself?

As explained earlier, there are two ways of building passive income:

  • Invest in a property (Mainly real estate).
  • Start a side business with some skills as an offering.

Now, investing in a property is a big investment that requires a lot of research and funds. The main problem with funds because not everybody has the money to invest in a property.

The next option is to start a side business that supplements your main income source. To help you further, I did in-depth research for the best options to choose as a part time business.

One option that stood apart from all the other side business options was SurveyTime.

Best Method to Build Passive Income – 

SurveyTime is a product by, which is one of the most successful mobile ad companies that conduct exclusive market surveys. It stands out because the survey panel pays the users instantly for taking surveys.


Instant Rewards

Once you complete an online survey, you will get $1 immediately credited to your account. After examining and checking the entire system, I figured out that there are no complicated points to figure out. The system is simple, you will receive a reward of $1 and you will get a notified mail on your registered email id. Also, there is no clearing period for the rewards, everything is delivered instantly.

Payment Options

SurveyTime allows you to instantly transfer the payments, some of the methods are:

  • Payments via PayPal payments.
  • Payment in terms of Bitcoins using Coinbase.
  • Amazon e-vouchers.
  • e-gift cards for retail outlets such as Target, Decathlon and more.

Once you have completed a survey, you can choose your ideal payment method for the rewards. After selecting your ideal option, you will receive the rewards instantly.

The Process of Earning Rewards

Following are the steps for earning rewards:

  • Create your profile to get the right surveys  

The first step is to sign up with SurveyTime, you will have to answer a list of questions. Your answers are further paired with an up survey that matches your profile. For the signup process you can provide your Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts or use your email address for the signup process.

  • Receive Notification for New Surveys

Once signed up with SurveyTime, you will start to receive email/text notifications for new surveys. You can check the website for new survey opportunities. Each Survey takes its own time of 10-15 minutes and you will receive an instant reward of $1 after successful completion.

  • Device Compatibility

SurveyTime is compatible with both the desktop and mobile devices. All the surveys run well on both devices. This is a great option because it gives you the freedom to take surveys, receive rewards with the convenience on the device of your own choice.

Is SurveyTime the best way to build your passive Income?

Yes! SurveyTime is the best way to build your passive income, it is 100% legitimate and delivers what it promises.

It is a great platform to utilize your free time and earn money to supplement your primary income. The more surveys you take, the higher commissions you will receive!

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